diet for girl – An Acidic Diet to Conceive a Girl – How and Why it Works

I find it very encouraging to see that people are starting to realize that the natural gender selection really works. I’m starting to get a lot of emails asking for details about the diet of acid pH / high conceive a girl and why (and how) it really works diet for girl. I’ll explain the process in the following girl blog
Why are equally important acidity and pH: First, it is important to define how to determine the sex of your baby. You get a girl if the X sperm reaches and fertilizes the egg first diet for girl. If the opposite happens, you will get a boy. However, it is important to remember that the Y or boy sperm are relatively weak and vulnerable,diet for girl while the girl or X sperm are very strong and durable.
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Therefore, everyone will experience a distinct advantage in their pursuit of the egg. You can give the (girl) X sperm some of the benefits:diet for girl  life from conception to occur early in your fertility cycle (giving the boy sperm time to die), with little indication of sexual positions you use (which gives boys and, more difficult round) and take a good look at your PH and acidity.
Here’s why this is so important diet for girl. Boy sperm can not survive long in the vaginal tract and reproduction if it is too acidic,diet for girl  while the girl sperm will have no problem with that. Therefore, if you want a girl who obviously want to get your acidity and pH as high as possible.
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The first way to do this is through your diet and what you eat. Understand that food can be divided into those that are acidic or alkaline diet for girl. You want to stay away alkaline foods because it will lower your PH and make it more likely to have a child. So while you should avoid foods like most fruits and vegetables and most nuts (especially almonds) (because they are all low pH),diet girl the load in foods like more meat, diet for girl dairy products and some fruits and vegetables such as corn and blueberries (which have a high pH.) There are lists of foods available to help you with that diet for girl. 
diet girl blog
This will sort of like being on a weight loss diet (which is limited to what you eat), but you do not have to limit calories, just the type of food you eat. diet girl And to do this until they reach their optimum level. You can stop once you enter the “zone of the girl.” diet for girl
diet girl blog
The second way to make your body more acidic through douching diet for girl. Typically, more vinegar and water needed and food diet girl, there are recipes available. And, diet for girl one thing that can make your job a lot easier (regardless of the method you use) using test strips pH to see how and where you are naturally first diet girl. 
Just try as shown (available at health food stores) and make the necessary adjustments in your diet and / or diet girl douching and testing to see how it has progressed. You will probably notice that you get the most rapid and dramatic results if combined food and douching methods to work together diet for girl but you can use one of them alone, as long as you are diligent and patient diet girl .
diet for girl

diet for girl – An Acidic Diet to Conceive a Girl – How and Why it Works

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